About Aaron Kester

Aaron Kester [Owner and operator of Amish Designs Furniture] started in the hardwood lumber industry over 25 years ago in Holme's County, Ohio.  After building the trust of the local craftsmen, he was asked to be a liaison by his Amish lumber customers to present their handcrafted hardwood furniture to the outside market.

After working alongside these talented builders for many years, he has developed a passion and a knack for furniture design. He has the innate ability to combine beauty and function to each and every piece, and will stand behind each piece he represents.  One of the most important aspects of handcrafted furniture is found in the details.  This is why Aaron makes it his mission to be involved from start to finish, ensuring a pleasant experience for you.  


About Amish Designs Furniture

Amish Designs Furniture believes in quality. Quality of life, quality of relationships and the quality of our products. 
As times change, the average consumer has unlimited information at their disposal, which makes them much more educated and discerning about the technical aspects of furniture construction. They know quality when they see it.  The truth about quality of construction comes through the site, touch and smell of the product.

The manufacturing process of our quality furniture remains the same:  Made from renewable resources by a local work force. The use of dove tail joinery, mortis and tenon construction, crisp profiles and ultra smooth finishes through proven sanding processes. And of course no hazardous chemicals are ever used.  We are excited to share these heirlooms with you for your family to enjoy for generations to come.